OJSC Mogilevobresursy

About us

OJSC "Mogilyevoblresursy" was created in 2009 by transforming the republican trade and intermediary unitary enterprise "Mogilyevoblresursy" during the implementation of the state property privatization program.

Sectoral affiliation - the State Committee on Property of the Republic of Belarus, the parent organization - GO "Belresursy" management company holding "Belresursy" (Minsk)

The enterprise has been conducting its history since 1958 when by Order No. 4 of 01/25/1958. The Main Directorate of Logistics and Sales at the SM of the BSSR in accordance with the Resolution of the SM of the BSSR of 09/25/57. No. 610 and from 20.01.58g. No. 30 was formed by the Procurement and Sales Department of the Gossnab of the BSSR under the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

Subsequently, the company financially and economically strengthened, developing the material and technical base, increasing geographically, improving its personnel potential was repeatedly transformed and renamed, raising its organizational and legal status:

1978 - Mogilev Universal Association for the supply of products for industrial and technical purposes (Mogilevsnab) [According to the order of the State Committee of the BSSR on material and technical supply № 128 dated 10.11.78]
1988 - Mogilev Main Territorial Administration for Material and Technical Support of the Gossnab of the BSSR (Mogilyovglavsnab) [In accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR No. 52 of March 1, 1988]
1990 - Mogilev regional wholesale-intermediary firm "Mogilevopttorg" (ROPF "Mogilevopttorg") [According to the order number 65 of 09.23.90. in accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR No. 224 of 07.09.90]
2000 - Republican trade-intermediary unitary enterprise "Mogilevblresursy" (UE "Mogilevblresursy") [Based on the order of the Belresursy concern №119 dated 05.23.2000]
Today Mogilevoblresursy OJSC is the largest regional trade and production organization possessing the corresponding infrastructure. The company has mechanized warehouses of closed and open type, equipped with lifting and transport and handling equipment, weight economy. The enterprise is geographically located at three production bases in the city of Mogilev and two sites in the city of Krichev and the city of Bykhov. The total land area exceeds 10 hectares, of which in the city of Mogilev - more than 8 hectares.
The company has convenient road access, railway lines with ramps for loading and unloading cars. At the enterprise there are production shops. The fleet provides freight forwarding services.

The main types of activity of Mogilevoblresursy OJSC are:

- Wholesale trade in steel products and bearings (the company is legally endowed with the status of "main supplier", which allows steel consumers to purchase it without a tender through a simplified procedure;
- Wholesale trade in industrial and technical products and consumer goods, including supplies for state needs;
- Foreign economic activity on the export of goods of Belarusian producers and the import of raw materials and materials missing in the Republic;
- Retail;
- Collection (harvesting) and primary processing of secondary material resources, processing of roof containing bitumen waste;
- Sewing and woodworking production;
- Provision of services for the storage and processing of inventory items, rental of warehouse and administrative premises, metal service, freight forwarding services.

Over 50 years of operation, the company has established close cooperation with both Belarusian manufacturers and many enterprises of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

OJSC "Mogilevoblresursy" offers the most convenient conditions for the delivery of products, a wide range, low prices, a flexible system of discounts.

We are always open for mutually beneficial business cooperation, establishing new business contacts and are confident that working with us will save material resources and time for those who are ready to purchase our products and services.