Products of own production

Board, bar, plinth, lining, platbands and other products, wooden container (boxes, pallets). Packaging comes in t.ch. for export.
Prices are low.

Bed, overalls, mittens, any other products of sewing production, including logos, reflective elements in stock and on order.
Professional fit, minimum prices.
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Powder organomineral (secondary bitumen), used as a road-building or roofing material. Much more economical bitumen mastic and liquid bitumen. Including shipped for export. Buyers special conditions for receiving roofing waste (roofing felt)
Price US $ 65 for 1 ton. including VAT.

We accept waste paper, colored cullet, white cullet, polymer waste, film, plastic scrap boxes, PET bottles, used tires (without cameras, disks up to 320x508), roof waste (cleaned roofing felt).
There are special vehicles.
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