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Building materials, industrial products, consumer goods and food to buy in Mogilev, you can from us



price list for a wide range of products

прайс краска



резинотехнические изделия

Rubber products

промышленная химия

Chemical products

Rolled metal sheets, galvanized, angle, channel, beam, fittings, circles, square, strip, water and gas pipes, profile, electric-welded, seamless, pipeline parts, metal mesh, nails, bearings.
Металлопрокат прайс

Price list of metal products

Металлопрокат прайс

Price list of metal products - retail prices

Резка металла

Tariffs for services
on cutting, the cabin of metal rolling

Useful information: Table of theoretical weight of metal
Bearings manufactured in the Russian Federation: SDR (Saratov Bearing Plant),
1PZ and 2PZ (1st and 2nd bearing plants of Moscow), VPZ (Vologda Bearing Plant),
"KG International FZCO" Dubai, UAE; "DPI" India. and others ... in Mogilev

прайс-лист на услуги

Download price list for services

Storage, rent, sawing wood, chopping, cutting metal, loading, unloading cargo, transportation services, etc ...


Price list for cutting / chopping metal DOWNLOAD
Overalls, mittens and any other products of sewing production in stock and on order


спецодежда униформа

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Sewing products


Read more about the sewing production of Mogilevoblresursy
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Waste paper 16 kopecks for 1 kg
Colorless clear film (LDPE) 45 kopecks for 1 kg
Colorless clear film (stretch) 40 kopecks for 1 kg
Colorless contaminated film 30 kopecks for 1 kg
Color film 8 kopecks for 1 kg
Pet bottle 26 cop for 1 kg
Broken glass 12 kopecks for 1 kg
Broken glass 4 kopecks for 1 kg
Second-hand polyethylene products 
(wine production boxes, jerry cans)
6 kopecks for 1 kg
Used polypropylene products 
(vegetable boxes)
3 kopecks for 1 kg

Waste paper Krichev - 15 kopecks. Bykhov - 17 kop.


Cost of disposal services 

07.05.2018 until 31.05.2018 

Price per ton 
(Without VAT)
Price per ton 
(VAT included)
Used tires
19 rub.
22.80 rub.
Used roofing material
70 rub.
84 rub.

Products of own production

Price per ton
Powder POV-6 (for export)
65 USD
Bituminized cardboard
40 USD

(incl. VAT)
Wooden pallets 
1200 x 800 x 135 mm. 
1200 x 1000 x 150 mm. and etc.
from 6.5 rubles per piece
Wooden boxes
Contract prices
Wooden shields
Contract prices

Wooden fence section
(incl. VAT)
Section of the fence 2000 x 1500 mm. wooden
13.02 rub. per piece
Fence section 3000 x 1000 mm. wooden
14,52 rub. per piece
Section of the fence 3000 x 1500 mm. wooden
19.80 rubles per piece

Any sizes.

Softwood Timber
(incl. VAT)
1200-4000 * 25 mm (uncut)
80.40 rub. per m3
2000-4000 * 125 * 25 mm (edged)
125 rub. per m3
2000-4000 * 125 * 40 mm (edged)
144 rub. per m3.
2000-4000 * 60 * 40 mm (edged)
140 rub. per m3
1000-2000 * 60 * 25 mm (edged)
99.9 rub. per m3
2000-4000 * 110 * 25 mm (edged)
108 rub. per m3.
2500-4000 * 50 mm (uncut)
115.20 rub. per m3
Firewood from production
4.5 rub. per m3.
2.5 rub. per m3


Retail prices for metal products
Decor number 1
Decor number 2
Decor number 3
Decor number 4
1.97 rub.
2.23 rub.
2.60 rub.
3.16 rub.
Декор №1
Декор №2
Декор №3
Декор №4


The brazier metal 28.80 is white. rub.