OJSC Mogilevobresursy

Enterprise activity

Деятельность Могилевоблресурсы


Wholesale and retail trade


- metal products of the widest range (rebar, beam, circle, sheet, strip, wire, decking, mesh, angle, channel, etc.);
- pipes and pipeline components, including those for the petrochemical industry;
- bearings of conveyor and maintenance groups;
(According to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 04.08.2005, No. 864 "On approval of the program of centralized procurement of metal products and its implementation for the needs of the national economy of the Republic of Belarus" OJSC "Mogilevblresursy" is defined as the "main supplier" of a wide range of metal products, bearings Of the Republic of Belarus of 02.10.2009 No. 44]);
- tools, hardware, nails, chains for mechanical engineering and agriculture;
- all types of building materials (cement, brick, blocks, expanded clay, lime, tow, drywall, dry building mixtures, linoleum, ceramic tile, sanitary ware, wallpaper, adhesives, lumber, plywood, fiberboard, chipboard, glass, etc.), including roofing (slate, roofing felt, weldable coating) and heat-insulating (miniplit "Isover") materials;
- chemical (soda ash and caustic soda, sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, lime chloride, etc.) and paints and varnishes (enamels, water-based and acrylic paints, solvents), including raw materials for industrial processes;
- paper, cardboard, paper production;
- consumer goods, including furniture, electrical goods, lamps (LON, LB, DRL, energy-saving) and lamps;
- overalls, safety shoes, gloves, gloves, including for work in aggressive environments;
- food (flour, cereals, sugar, poultry, chicken eggs, etc.)




- production of packaging containers (from sawn timber, fiberboard), including for export.
- woodworking (board, timber, plinth, wall paneling, platbands and other products, wooden packaging (boxes, pallets));
- sewing (overalls, mittens, bedding and other products);
- processing of bitumen-containing waste (roofing felt) (product- powder organic-mineral (secondary bitumen), used as a road-building or roofing material) - supplied including. for export to the Russian Federation;


Collection and primary processing of secondary material resources:


- waste paper;
- polymers (film, syringes, polyethylene, polypropylene);
- cullet;
- Used tires;
- ruberoid.




- storage and processing of inventory;
- rental of warehouse and administrative premises, including open areas;
- freight forwarding, including the distribution, loading and unloading of railway cars, weighing vehicles, loader-excavator services and others;
- bonded warehouse;
- production, including processing (sawing) of wood, cutting / cutting (including gas) metal (sheet, pipes, long products) in warehouses for ease of transportation, welding, and others.


Ready for mutually beneficial cooperation


in all the above areas, as well as:


- to represent the interests of enterprises and sales organizations (both non-residents and residents of the Republic of Belarus) to sell your products in the regions you have chosen (oblast, Republic of Belarus, markets of foreign countries) on mutually beneficial terms (form - representation, dealership, etc.) );


- on creation of joint ventures, including with foreign investments in the field of production and / or sale of export-oriented or import-substituting products;
- with foreign investors to create a trade and logistics center in the area of the existing base (convenient location, all communications, near major transport interchanges in all directions) located in the free economic zone.